Space Mettler 28wt Thread 0954

Space Mettler 28wt Thread

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Silk Finish 28wt Space

Heavy Weight
Top Stitching
81 Yards

SILK-FINISH is 100% long staple Egyptian cotton, 28wt, 80m (88yds). Natural cotton - Pure cotton thread made of 100% long staple Egyptian cotton with the soft sheen of natural cotton. The natural fibre is gentle on the skin. Feels soft, smooth, and silk-like. 

Mercerization - Due to the mercerization process SILK-FINISH reaches a high breaking resistance, has reduced shrinkage and is ironing resistant. Highest color fastness - Due to the special dyeing technology, an exceptional color fastness is guaranteed. Optimal elongation - Extraordinary seam elasticity, smooth seams, great care properties.

9128 0954 Mettler