The Farmers Wife 1930’s challenge.

This book is filled with amazing stories that warm your heart and blocks that inspire the quilter within. Because our love for this book is strong, this year as a store we have decided to try and piece every single block in this book.

Some blocks will be easy and some tough, but totally worth it.

These blocks are smaller measuring 6" finished and a lot of them will require paper piecing which is a technique that I don’t use that often.

Also, we don’t want to do this alone. We want anyone and everyone to join us. Come one come all. We have come up with a schedule that we plan to follow as a store, and if you’re interested in tackling this challenge with us please email us or comment and we will get you a schedule. If you don’t have the book yet, it is available for purchase in our store and online but the schedule is FREE!

So far we have completed a few blocks and tried a couple of different techniques on piecing and so far so good. As we continue to move through this book and learn new tricks, discoveries, etc. we will post our findings and our finished blocks on our blog and Facebook page, and we hope you do the same. We are excited to see what fabrics inspire you and read what you have learned. It will all be helpful so please post. It is going to be fun.

Discovery #1:

Although the blocks are small, don’t be hesitant to use you 1/4" seam. We tried using a smaller seam on one block because the pieces were so small and this is what happened. One block ended up being quite bigger then the others. Stick to the 1/4" seam and you’ll be fine. (unless paper piecing.)

Farmers Wife Block Discovery #1

Happy Quilting all, and we here at the store also wish you a very Happy New Year.


  • Would like the schedule for The Farmer’s Wife.
    Thank you

    Jacqueline Smith
  • I would love to join your Farmer’s Wife 1930’s challenge! Let me know more details!

    Jennifer Jenson
  • I have the book! Would like the schedule. Also need information on how this all comes together.
    Meet at the store? Sew together, etc.?

    Jacqueline Smith

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