Southern Hospitality Quilt Project

It has been a while since our last blog post. I wanted to show you how things are coming along with our Southern Hospitality quilt project.

I really love how mine turned out. Truth be told-I haven’t made a quilt for myself from start/finish for probably…. 7 whole years! I have participated in quilting hundreds of quiltings, piecing parts of quilts and other projects but from beginning to end a quilt for myself hasn’t happened for way too long.

I am using the pattern called “Check out the stars” by Marilyn Foreman, but made one small adjustment to create (what I think) is a nice addition to a great pattern.

Picking out the fabric

Fabric in Shopping CartFirst thing is first. Here are a bunch of the fabrics I was picking through. I used more then these, but this gives you an idea. Something 100% wonderful about owning a quilt shop is the tons of fabrics options available all the time!

Starting to cut!

Cutting fabric pieces image 01Although my piles are looking very organized after the initial few fabrics were chosen and cut I decided to throw all reason out the window and just started picking fabrics I liked block by block and only cutting what I needed off the bolt. This made it more fun and very exciting in the beginning, but towards the middle it felt like starting the project all over again for every block and that became slightly tedious…. As advice, if you want this project to be done within a timely manner, pick your fabrics and coordinates first, then cut all at once and then sew. But if there is no time constraint then do whatever feels good.


Cutting fabric pieces image 02Cutting fabric pieces image 03

Assembling the pieces

These blocks assembled nicely. So nice in fact, that I did not need to square them up prior to piecing the entire quilt together. Squaring things up is not my favorite.

Star Quilt New Star RevealStar Quilt Corner ChangeWe did follow the pattern called “Check out the stars” by Marilyn Foreman but made one small adjustment. We switched out 2 corner squares with coordinating fabrics. You can tell this in the photo with the green boxes. As an example, the corner squares that we decided to use matched the dark brown with pink paisleys, the pattern calls for all corner squares to look like the corners with the pink and tan. If you have questions about this, let me know. The reason we did this, was to create a new star within a star.

Top assembly

Its done! Now I just need to find time to quilt it. Have I mentioned lately I could use another Statler….. a girl can dream.

Star Quilt Finished Quilt

Happy Quilting All!


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