Paper Piecing….Do you love it or hate it?

I don’t have too much experience with paper piecing and in all honesty would avoid it…but I knew going into The 1930’s Farmers Wife challenge that I would need to learn to embrace it!

This past week in the store we decided to try out our paper piecing skills on 2 blocks, the Aunt #8 and the Aimee #2. We started with the Aunt block because it was a simple pattern and I am happy to report it went well. We finished up that block quickly and moved into the Aimee, and although this block was a little more challenging, overall it went well. I am excited to continue to work through these blocks. Each one so far has been so much fun.

Tip for paper piecing

  1. Be sure your piece of fabric you cut for each “piece” in your block is sufficiently large to not only cover the area. I recommend that each piece goes a little further beyond even the 1/4" seam allowance that is given. A larger piece of fabric gives you more wiggle room
  2. Try to test out your piece of fabric prior to sewing to be sure that once the line is sewn and you fold the piece back onto the seam to press, that it does indeed fold the correct way and you have covered the entire area you’d like to. Sometimes with diagonal seams your fabric will take an unexpected turn ;)

Below are also some photos of the Aunt block as I went along. Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions that you might have and keep sending us photos! I absolutely love seeing what you’ve all created. Don’t forget to check out the stories associated with each block.

The 1930’s Farmers Wife Paper Piecing Photo 01The 1930’s Farmers Wife Paper Piecing Photo 02The 1930’s Farmers Wife Paper Piecing Photo 03The 1930’s Farmers Wife Paper Piecing Photo 04The 1930’s Farmers Wife Paper Piecing Photo 05The 1930’s Farmers Wife Paper Piecing Photo 06

These Farmers wives from the 1930’s really were quite amazing!

Happy Quilting All.

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  • I love paper piecing!!

    Brenda Maxson

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