Farmers Wife 1930’s Blocks #96 (Tirzah) and #80 (Patricia)

This week we worked on Blocks #96 (Tirzah) and #80 (Patricia)

Block #80

Patricia sewed up like a dream using the rotary cutting instructions via the rotary instructions page. If you are unsure of where to find these things, be sure to load your CD onto your computer and you will be able to see all of the sewing instructions.

Block #96

Tirzah on the other hand…required a little more effort. Their were a few pieces that you could initially cut using the rotating cutting instructions. However, I found it just as easy to print of the templates page for this block, measure the blocks themselves on the paper using a ruler, and then, use my rotary cutter to finish cutting the pieces.


  1. If you use the 45 degree angle line on your ruler, and line up the edge of the ruler with your piece, you will be able to make accurate cuts.Farmers Wife 45 degree piece cut Hint 01
  2. Flip your piece over and make another cut using the 45 degree line.Farmers Wife 45 degree piece cut Hint 02
  3. Final cut result.Farmers Wife 45 degree piece cut Hint 03

Happy Quilting!

Please share the blocks you have completed along with any helpful hints and tricks you find! You can email us or post to our Facebook page and be sure to tag our shop so we can see!

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