Christmas Tree Table Runner (Free) Pattern and Tutorial

Who is in the Christmas mood!

Christmas Tree Table Runner

Check out this cute Christmas Tree Table runner, and even better, the pattern is FREE from Sew kind of Wonderful.
Fabrics used in this table runner:
Merry Merry Spruce PoinsettiaMerry Merry Ribbon PoinsettiaMerry Merry Snow Garland and Merry Merry Snow Spruce Garland.


Download Free Pattern

Here are some pics to show how I laid the different steps to create this christmas tree wonderfulness.  

Step 1

Cutting your squares and strips. I cut 4 different fabrics as opposed to the 2 called for in the pattern. I wanted reds and greens for my christmas colors. Because I used 2 additional colors I needed to cut  2/3 yards of each fabric color as opposed to the 1 yard cut of 2 different fabrics.

Christmas Tree Table Runner  Cutting Fabric

Step 2

Using the Mini Quick Curve ruler cut your curves. You line up the corner of your fabric with the V that is in the ruler and then use your rotary cutter to slice away!


If you have a small diameter rotary cutter I would recommend it, the 45mm ruler would occasionally get stuck in the plastic… it didn’t cause problems, however it was slightly annoying

Christmas Tree Table Runner Align Curve Cut

Step 3

Sewing your fabrics together to make your tree branches.

Christmas Tree Table Runner Sewing Peices

Step 4

You can see I have a good stash of pieces to sew, and sewn pieces. Once you have these finished up you can square up your blocks!

Christmas Tree Table Runner Stack of Fabric

Be sure to refer to the pattern for specific instructions. They do a great job letting you know how to be sure each piece of tree finishes up nice and square.

The pictures below give you a little more of an up close visual as far as finding the 1/8" black line used for squaring it all up.

Christmas Tree Table Runner Square UpChristmas Tree Table Runner Square Close UpChristmas Tree Table Runner Square Close Up

Step 5

Once you have your pieces squared up you can easily put them together and arrange in anyways you want! I had re-arragned and arranged my trees in quite a few different ways before I decided that this was the way I liked it most. You could have your trees facing opposite directions, you could have 2 rows of trees instead of one. There are several ways you can make this unique to your likes and needs! I also used left over scraps for binding.

Christmas Tree Table Runner Finished Christmas Tree Table Runner Finished

Happy Quilting All!


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