Add a Quarter!!

This past week I was up teaching a class about paper piecing and lo and behold, I ended up learning a trick or two myself!! I love it when classes come together and we all share what we know. For our blog post this week I thought I’d share what tips and tricks I was taught.

1. This ruler…. I can not say enough good things about it.

Add a quarter rulerThe add a quarter ruler is something that helps line up your fabrics when paper piecing. If paper piecing is something you love to do and you don’t own one yet I highly recommend you purchase one. We will have them available on our website soon as we just sold out in our store and had to order more…. they are awesome!! Stay tuned for blog post with actual photos of how to put this awesome tool to use. Purchase Here!

2. We learned how to sew a Y seam!!

Have you guys ever heard of a Y seam… well to be perfectly honest the name didn’t ring a bell, however I knew that I had practiced a similar technique before. This is when you sew along the seam then turn your fabrics in an angle, smooth them to make it work and keep sewing! LOL. Be sure to stay tuned for a better description of this technique as well. If you want to find out pronto, this is a link to where the girls and I learned how to create this block with the Y seam on the fly-

Y Seam Back   Y seam Front


Take a look at our Farmers Wife 1930’s wall! Our blocks are growing and we are loving what they are creating.

Farmers Wife Block Wall


Happy Sewing All


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